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Safer Pubs Core Initiative- 

To see all Pubs and Bars in Britain stock and promote at least one non alcoholic beer or cider by the end of 2022

We all want safer pubs. Safer Pubs Ltd is a Non Profit Social Enterprise and certified member of Social Enterprise UK. Our team of leading experts are here to help you ensure your licensed premises is a happy and social environment free from conflict and trouble! We offer a membership option and a film training kit, 'Preventing and Managing Violence' which covers all aspects of running a Safer Pub; it provides all Owner Operators, Licensees, Managers, Designated Premises Supervisors and Senior Bar Staff with an easy to use violence prevention training kit.  The kit also comes with a free employee training disclaimer  which can help prevent claims against you and be a useful tool in licence renewals. We also offer counselling services through our CIC partner Talking Problems C.I.C. 

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Telephone or zoom based 'person-centred' counselling services available now.

See also our funding and ethical message below

Funding and Ethical Policy Key Message

There is a well known strong link between alcohol and violent crime; there are also well documented overall detrimental health issues from excessive alcohol consumption. is not just here to give out 'safe consumption of alcohol' messages like other leading organisations, but to encourage real alternatives in our desire to see a modern thriving pub trade as well. We are in the unique position to show licensees how to create safer pubs and also to offer person centred counselling to those affected by pub violence.

There is nothing wrong in promoting and serving Alcohol Responsibly. We want though to see Pubs and Bars in Britain serve more great tasting non alcoholic products to drive bigger profits and create safer spaces. In Germany it is common to see two or three draught non alcoholic beers served and where getting drunk in a pub is not a socially acceptable way of behaving. Stocking and promoting products such as non alcoholic beers, ciders and wines, specialised teas and coffees, fresh juice drinks, hot drinks and food are all key to running a successful socially responsible modern pub free from conflict and violence. We therefore only accept non alcoholic beverage led sponsors. Our independence from alcohol led sponsors and our not for financial gain mentality ensures that the ethical lines around funding and promotion of products are non blurred. We believe this is currently a big problem in the UK pub trade and it makes us very different from other well known industry bodies set up to promote best practise. is therefore completely free to encourage and show licensees how to deliver profits in socially responsible ways from all potential revenue streams so they can meet the demands of the modern day pub customer.


Please consider becoming a corporate member or order our film training kit and subscribe to our website for upcoming information, advice and support .

Please also follow the great examples out there of well run pubs and bars and see that a socially responsible pub does not have just have to be a vertical alcohol led drinking bar to make huge profits.


Interested in sponsoring us or becoming a corporate partner? If you feel your organisation matches our vision please contact us here:

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