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  • What type of Social Enterprise are you?
    Saferpubs is a Non Profit Social Enterprise certified by Social Enterprise UK. Our aim is to show how most pub violence can be prevented through effective pub management preventative strategies. We help owners, licensees and their managers/ designated premises supervisors by providing a film training tool for all to use to complement exisisting training strategies and we offer a confidential counselling service. As a Non Profit Social Enterprise, a percentage of the profits from our service are fed back into the community to help those licensees and their staff affected by alcohol related violent crime.
  • If i decide to donate what will my money be used for?
    If you wish to donate instead of or as well as buying a film all donations we receive will used to lobby for greater change in binge drinking culture (one of the main causes of alcohol related violence).
  • What do i get for my membership fee?
    Why not join us? Joining the Safer Pubs Social Enterprise as a corporate member gives a wide of benefits to both you and your customers. All members free copies of our Safer Pubs training package which includes the film "Preventing and managing violence' as well as the disclaimer for your employeees to sign as evidence in Safer Pubs training. Members also have access to our business development team to help create a more modern thriving licensed premises helping boost profits and creating safer spaces, as well as recieving regular newsletters and the right to use our safer pubs logo on their marketing materials as a way to demonstrate you are also a "Safer Pub". The membership option is a one of fee, one per licensed premises. Please contact us directly if you wish to discuss membership options for a group.
  • Is the training film suitable for all types of Licensed Premises?
    Yes. We've interviewed a range of managers and licensees from clubs to pubs to bars. The key themes of standards and messages, legal and social responsibilty, effective pub management and conflict management / resolution can be applied across all types of premises
  • Can i use this training package at more than one premises?
    Please feel free to share the USB amoungst all your different managers and different supervisors at your site. However if you wish to share it around more than one licensed premises please order more than one USB stick. If you are a large operator and require a large number of copies (5 or more), or wish to discuss membership options for groups, or are a training institution/ company please drop us an email to discuss individual terms with us and we will be happy to come back to you (please state how many premises you have, what you would like to use our service for, how many USB sticks you would like etc)
  • What type of device can i view the training film on?
    The film comes to you on a USB stick which has two options. Mac or PC viewer. It also comes with its own in-built media player so all you have to do is plug it in and watch! You can also then link up your device to a bigger screen for larger viewing
  • What is your returns policy?
    Please click on the returns policy button below for more information
  • What type of counselling do you offer?
    We offer telephone or zoom based person centred counselling with a fully qualified counsellor through Talking Problems C.I.C.. People often come to us wanting to talk about a recent violent incident and how that has affected them. Our person centred counselling is the ideal talking therapy for this. Talking Problems C.I.C. has an extensive range of counsellors and works within BACP guidelines to offer a first rate counselling service.
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