-12 sections 


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1. Introduction

2. Legal and Social Responsibilty

Section Preview: Meet our licensees

Full Film Section features: What is pub violence, how it is caused and how we can prevent it

Section Preview: What responsibilities does a person managing a licensed premises have in preventing violent crime? What policies are needed to make a safe pub?

Full Film Features: Licensees talking about health and safety, CCTV, Proof of age Cards, Drugs awareness, Metal detectors, Glassware. Also featured 'Binge Drinking', statistics on the links between alcohol and violent crime, legal obligations

3. Standards and Messages

Section Preview: Licensees begin the discuss the importance of setting standards for safer pubs

Full Film Features: Taking over a pub, an introduction to barring, music policies, creating the right atmosphere, setting standards, giving out clear messages

4. Effective Pub Management

Section Preview: A short look at what is meant by effective management in the context of conflict management.


Full Film features: Deepen your insight into the many factors large and small that can irritate customers. Licensees discuss how to run a safer pub and prevent violence by interacting with customers, effective customer service, handling complaints well; as well as the effect of cleanliness, machines, product quality, toilets, mood of the premises, temperature, sport and music (continued) how to manage large crowds.

5. Games Facilities

Section Preview: A short look at games areas and gambling.


Full Film Features: Lets hear why in safer pubs its so important to have clear rules to prevent any conflict around the hot spot of games areas. An in depth look at games facilities including fruit and quiz machines.

6. Supervision and Monitoring

Section Preview: How best should you supervise your licensed premises to prevent conflict situations?  A short look how to manage your door staff and working with your staff to manage conflict situations

Full Film Features: A deeper look at how a safe pub deals with supervision and monitoring including door staff (management, standards, registration and qualification), staff communication policy, barring policies and exclusion orders, early intervention, drugs.

7. Conflict Resolution

8. Eastenders 'Queen Vic'

Observation Test

Section Preview: A short look from our experienced licensees at some of the areas in handling a conflict when it does arise.

Full Film Features: If uncontrollable violence has broken out find out exactly how to manage this. An in depth look at conflict resolution. When should you call the police? What about dangerous weapons? Injuries? First aid? How to effectively manage the situation. Find out about the 3 stage process of:

1) Reducing the tension

2) Improving the atmosphere

3) Managing the aftermath

No Preview available


Full Film Features: 'Dirty Den', 'Phil Mitchell' and 'Denis' get involved in a violent incident in the 'Queen Vic'. Watch how our the fight develops throughout the day and see how our pub landlord Phil Mitchell deals with it. Decide how you would of handled it differently! How would you of dealt with the Police in a better way than Phil does?

9. Closing Time

Section Preview: A short look at some of the areas involved when closing your premises to avoid any conflict to keep your pub safe from conflict and violence.


Full Film Features: How to handle the 4 stages of last orders, closing the bar, drinking up and leaving the premises

10. Working with the Police