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Preventing and managing violence training film sleeve, photo of people in a bar
Binge drinking
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What's in our film training kit?


The 'Preventing and Managing Violence' film kit contains first hand help from first rate experienced licensees and managers- the people that know best- teaches you all about conflict management and how to manage a 'Safer Pub'. There is also an overview of relevant law. The film shows what a 'Safer Pub' looks like with all the causes of violence removed and then only in the extreme cases that a conflict situation should arise how to handle it. 


In the service of alcohol Licensees have a legal duty to assess the risks posed by work placed violence. The advice given in this film is to understand what are the causes of violence and focus on removing them. The aim is to create an environment where violence would seem out of place rather than focusing training exclusively on handling conflict situations. This is especially important as within law failure by a licensee to put sufficient measures in place to prevent conflict can lead to prosecution, a fine and a review of the premises licence. Narrated by Andrew Brittain, this leading safety film shows how to do this by following industry standard guidelines. 

Watch and learn from other licensees.

Lets make Britain and your licensed premises in particular a 'Safer Pub' and an enjoyable place for everyone to visit.

Contents Include:

Legal and social responsibilities, health and safety, effective management, supervision and monitoring, taking over a pub, setting standards and giving out clear messages, CCTV, proof of age cards, glassware, barring policies, managing door supervisors, managing large crowds, early intervention policies, working with the police, binge drinking, conflict resolution, linking in with other schemes and organisations, plus more more!

Safer pubs USB training stick and display box with logo on

Film format


Sent to you on a handy to use pub management USB training stick  pre-loaded with our 45 minute training film 

'Preventing and Managing Violence' a Guide for On-Licence Premises.

The USB comes with its own in-built media player and an be viewed on a Mac or PC/ Laptop and then be connected to an external viewing device if wanted. 

The USB also contains a word format 'Employee training and development declaration form'. Designed by our legal team, you can ask your managers and supervisors to sign it as evidence of effective conflict management training if you wish. This can give some mitigation against any potential claims and be an extra useful tool for licence renewals. This document can easily be edited to fit your company logo on!

Film Sections:

1. Introduction
2. Legal and Social Responsibilty
3. Standards and messages
4. Effective Management
5. Games Facilities
6. Supervision and Monitoring
7. Conflict Resolution

8. Closing Time
9. Working with Police
10. Other Organisations
11. Conclusion and Contact